picture of Randy Lubin
picture of Randy Lubin

Randy Lubin

Randy Lubin

Consulting Entrepreneur

Consulting Entrepreneur

Consulting Entrepreneur

The accelerating rate of technology is affecting all aspects of life and work. I love exploring the trends and using tech to improve the world.

Most recently I was COO of Meetings.io and negotiated its acquisition by Jive Software. I mentor startups and give talks on entrepreneurship. In my spare time, I design games, code, hike, and play guitar.

I grew up in Livingston, NJ and went to Washington University in St. Louis for undergrad. I graduated from Stanford's MBA program in 2011.

I grew up in Livingston, NJ and went to Washington University in St. Louis for an undergrad degree in business. While on campus, I led the committee responsible for throwing large music festivals and helped started a music related non-profit.

After graduating from WashU, I entered Stanford's MBA program. I focused on technology and entrepreneurship, learning in the classroom and through consulting gigs with local startups. I also started teaching myself to code.

After graduating from Stanford, I gave myself time to work on my own startup. I spent several months iterating through ideas, continuing to hone my coding skills, and consulting for SF startups.

Over the months, I consulted twice with the Meetings.io team, and helped them pivot to become the current product. In the spring of 2012 they asked me to join full time as the "business guy" and I gladly accepted.

As Meetings.io's COO, I had my hands in Marketing/PR, Strategy, Finances, Legal, and even did a bit of coding. By fall 2012 most of my time was dedicated to M&A discussion with a potential acquirer: Jive Software. We sold to Jive in November 2012.

Post-acquisition I spent several months as the Product Manager for the Real-Time (chat, video, etc) team, developing the roadmap and getting buy-in from the execs. In February 2013 I switched to the corp dev team. There, I helped with M&A, partnerships, and long-term strategy. In September 2013, I left Jive to return to the startup world. Since then I've been exploring startup ideas, tinkering on side projects, and keeping an eye out for cool teams to join.

In my spare time I code up little experiments, blog, hike, improvise on guitar, and play boardgames. I also advise entrepreneurs and give talks on entrepreneurship and technology.


All my code is on GitHub.

Plotypus (September 2014)

A collaborative storytelling card game. It has its own site and is available for print and play.

Acting Karaoke (September 2013)

Like karaoke but for acting out scenes from movies. Built with Firebase, AngularJS, and SimpleWebRTC. Check it out here.

JamSync (September 2013)

A simple way for musicians to stay in sync while they jam; choose a room, alter the chord progressions, and press play. Built with Firebase and AngularJS in collaboration with my brother Greg. Jam here.

Ecosystem (June 2012 / updated August 2014)

This is an ecosystem simulator I build in Processing as a fun art experiment. Click on the screen to add more blue guys. Play with it here. Updated to p5.js in 2014.

Ditch the Conference (April 2012)

In collaboration with Katie Johnson - this incredible new startup is a product of HypeUp Weekend. Check it out here.

Reddit Karma Visualization (February 2012)

I built this with Chris Maury. Upon entering your Reddit username, it will visualize the sources (subreddits) of your Karma. You can check it out here: Karma!

Customer LTV Calculator (January 2011)

I built this to strenthen my javascript skills. Check out both the calculator and the related blog post.


The Singularity + Entrepreneurship

Spring 2011 I gave an intro to the singularity talk at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Here are the video and slides.

Creative Commons

I wrote the following papers for the class Strategic Management of Nonprofits. They all focus on Creative Commons. TA feedback is included at the end of the first two papers, in red text.

Short Stories

Here are some short stories I wrote in college

I blog roughly once a week on topics including startups, business strategy, games, coding, and the future of technology.

Check it out here.

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