Leveraged Play

Leveraged Play is my consulting firm for serious games. Its aim is to help organziations explore the future and explain the present, through play. The site contains descriptions of different games I've designed and run and info about the design process. Comission something for your team!

Diegetic Games

Diegetic Games is my game design studio. Go there for free games that you can print and play or check out my store on Support my design process on Patreon and check out the Diegetic Games Blog.

Story Synth

I built and maintain Story Synth, a web platform that lets game designers playtest and publish their games online. Designers can upload their game content through a Google Sheet link and run sessions without every needing to code.

In 2015, two friends and I build to enable Americans to easily message their representatives in Congress. We then gave it to the EFF to run and maintain and it is currently seeing heavy usage.

Live Present Slides

Live Present Slides is a Google Chrome Extension that let's you appear to enter Present Mode while remaining in Edit Mode. This is great if you want to live edit slides without exiting and re-entering Present Mode. Grab the Extension or read the blog post

Sweet Nothings

I wrote a simple Twilio / Amazon Lambda app that randomly texts Avital inside jokes and sweet messages. Check out the Github Gist or blog post.

Acting Karaoke

Like karaoke but for acting out scenes from movies. Built with Firebase, AngularJS, and SimpleWebRTC. Currently down but read about it here.


A simple way for musicians to stay in sync while they jam; choose a room, alter the chord progressions, and press play. Built with Firebase and AngularJS in collaboration with my brother Greg. Jam here.

Innovate Delhi / MaGIC Startup Academy

I lectured about entrepreneurship and mentored teams at Innovate Delhi Entrepreneurship Academy and MaGIC Startup Academy in Malaysia. The videos and slides from my MaGIC talks are on their site and the topics are Business and Revenue Models, Key Startup Models Frameworks, and Intro to Negotiations.

Reddit Karma Visualization

I built this with Chris Maury. Upon entering your Reddit username, it will visualize the sources (subreddits) of your Karma. Currently down but read about it here.


This is an ecosystem simulator I build in p5.js as a fun art experiment. Click on the screen to add more blue guys. Play with it here.

Singularity Talk

Spring 2011 I gave an intro to the singularity talk at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Here are the video and slides.


Some short stories I've written: